Prophetic Objects – ACTIVATION


God can use everyday objects  to communicate with us. Objects can be a prophetic trigger to open the way for the Holy Spirit to reveal something to us.  We see this  many times in the Bible where everyday objects triggered a prophetic word. 

The key is to understand when the Holy Spirit is highlighting something to us through  something we see with our natural senses. This is where our spiritual senses come in.  Some people see an object highlighted in the Spirit some way. Other have inner sense that God is communicating. Other may hear the inner voice of the Holy Spirit speaking a phrase.  Then we simply have a conversation with Holy Spirit until we have a prophetic word to give to someone (or ourselves).

Step 1

Choose an object from the photos below that the Holy Spirit highlights to you.You could also select an object you from where you are.

Step 2

What is the function of this object? What is the Holy Spirit showing you about the prophetic significance of this object for someone?

Step 3

Based on insights from steps 1 and 2, ask the Holy Spirit to help you write a sentence or two as a prophetic word for someone.

Step 4

Ask the Holy Spirit to show you who the prophetic word is for.

Step 5.

Send the prophetic word to the person.Ask them for feedback if you can. Was the word encouraging to them? Send us a message (including the prophetic word) using “CONTACT US” if you would like some feedback on word.

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