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Welcome to my blog!  My name is Sheila. I am Malaysian Chinese, married to Dave, who is a Kiwi.  We have a son, Daniel, who is currently studying Graphic Design in New Zealand.

It has been prophesied over me several times that I am to write.  Over the years, I have written small e-books which are now selling on Amazon.  As I am setting up this blog, we are still under some kind of lockdown in Malaysia because of COVID-19.  If you are reading this years later, you will be so thankful that it is all over.
Last year, in August 2020, a guest of Bob Hazlett prophesied over me and this was what he said :-

” I saw like a calligraphy pen – the point of a pen.  I saw that you have tried to write in the past.  I saw like God is breaking off the old writer thoughts.  He is giving you grace as a writer.  I see that you are in the process of coming into a whole new level of wisdom and revelation of being able to write out what you are attempting to say.  
This has inspired me to start writing this blog.  I am going to try to put out here some thoughts that have been coming to me and I hope that you will be blessed by what Father wants to say to us, His children.

From the blog

What is your name?

There is a meaning in every name. I am sure you will agree that some names sound great whilst others sound a little strange. I have friends who changed their names because they are convinced that God has given them a new name. Personally, I think that is wonderful! Didn’t Jesus give Simon a new … Continue reading What is your name?

Timing Matters

Reading Matthew chapters 3 and 4 has sparked a few thoughts in my mind. In Vs 13 – 15 John was initially reluctant to water baptise Jesus, knowing that Jesus is greater spiritually. John consented after Jesus explained to him that “it was only right to do all that God requires.” (TPT) There are loads … Continue reading Timing Matters

New Partnership

This morning I dreamt that I was falling in love with something new. I was beginning to make my move when my old “partner” was trying hard to hold on to me. Not willing to let me go. I was trying my best to get rid of the old so I can be free. What … Continue reading New Partnership

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