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Welcome to my blog!  My name is Sheila. I am Malaysian Chinese, married to Dave, who is a Kiwi.  We have a son, Daniel, who is currently studying Graphic Design in New Zealand.

It has been prophesied over me several times that I am to write.  Over the years, I have written small e-books which are now selling on Amazon.  As I am setting up this blog, we are still under some kind of lockdown in Malaysia because of COVID-19.  If you are reading this years later, you will be so thankful that it is all over.
Last year, in August 2020, a guest of Bob Hazlett prophesied over me and this was what he said :-

” I saw like a calligraphy pen – the point of a pen.  I saw that you have tried to write in the past.  I saw like God is breaking off the old writer thoughts.  He is giving you grace as a writer.  I see that you are in the process of coming into a whole new level of wisdom and revelation of being able to write out what you are attempting to say.  
This has inspired me to start writing this blog.  I am going to try to put out here some thoughts that have been coming to me and I hope that you will be blessed by what Father wants to say to us, His children.

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