Tag Prophecy


The aim of this prophetic activation is to practice flowing in the Spirit with others by prophesying as a team – tag prophecy.

Choose a person to give a prophetic word to (try someone you have not already given a word to in the past).

Ask Holy Spirit for a prophetic word for this person.  

Type out the prophetic word in one concise sentence.

Email the prophetic word to another prophetic person you know and ask them to add to the word with another sentence and then send back to you. Explain to them that you are doing a prophetic word for someone and want them to add just one more sentence.  Don’t tell them who the word is for.  Encourage then to only take a few minutes to do this and then send it right back to you.

When you receive the word back again, add another sentence of your own using the previous sentence as a launchpad.

Do this 2 or 3 times.

Give or send the completed prophetic word to the person.  You can explain to them that this was a “composite” word from several people.

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