Surname Sounds Like

What’s in a name?

Before doing this activation make sure you have read “What’s in a name?”

Think of the surnames of 2 or 3 of your closest friends.
What do their surnames sound like?  Spend some time playing around with their names in you mind until something “jumps out”.
Write out a prophetic encouragement based on what the name sounds like.

Here are a couple of examples that Dano gives:

  • For example, my last name is McCollam. It sounds like “call ‘em.” So, someone might prophesy over me about calling in leaders or calling in the lost.
  • In another example, you are talking to a person who has Smith as a surname. You could prophesy about him being a craftsman with words, or with details, or being sharpened by the Lord.

Remember that the “surname sounds like” may just be the trigger for the word.  Once you are flowing with the prophetic word include anything else the Holy Spirit is showing you.

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