Rapid-fire prophecy


We are starting a new section – “Preparing for Suddenlies”.  Read this section in Dan’s book in preparation.

The aim of this activation is to enable Holy Spirit to train us to receive prophetic words quickly in preparation for when we may only have a few moments to receive a word for someone and then deliver it.   This is great training for prophetic booths.

Prepare the following equipment:  An audio recording device and a timer (this may be your smart phone or a voice recorder and watch).

  • Look over your email contact list and ask Holy Spirit to highlight three names.   Write these names down.
  • SELECT the first person on your list.
  • Set the timer for 1 minute and start timing.
  • RECEIVE what the Holy Spirit is showing you for this person.
  • After the 1 minute is up – start the audio recorder.
  • RECORD what the Holy Spirit showed you.
  • You can then either SEND the audio recording to the person (if you technological skills allow this) OR type out the word and email.  You can start by saying … “I was thinking of you today and felt like I heard …”
  • REPEAT for 3 or more people.

I’m reminded that while this is “practice” for us, the prophetic words we receive are powerful and encouraging for those we send them too.

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