Revelation Is Impartation

I heard a story of a grieving father who lost his 12-year-old son some years ago. He was angry with God. The night his son passed away, he spoke to Jesus with an anguish heart. He uttered these words, “I trust my son in your hand. Please take good care of him.” The reply that came back immediately shocked him. “You don’t trust me. How can you trust your son in my hand?”

It was like a million other sentences and revelation hit him at the same time. It was not just that one sentence that Jesus gave him in reply. Instead of feeling anger or bitter against God, it set him free to choose to return to Jesus. His heart and mind were free. Yes, he was still grieving over the loss of his dear son, but he knew what he had to do to go on without his son.

He chose once again to trust in Jesus. Trusting Him with his own heart, that Jesus will carry him through this grieving process. Trusting that his son is not lost in eternal hell, but he is now with Jesus and he can look forward to meeting his son again one day.

I had a similar experience with the revelation from God – several times, really. The first experience was in my car, crying out loud to God. Complaining again how hard it was for me. I was in a lot of turmoil. It was so difficult to carry on. Suddenly a voice came clearly to me. It was like someone in my car was speaking to me. This voice asked me, “Did you suffer as much as my Son did on the cross?” I stopped crying and feeling sorry for myself. It was like they just dried up! I had enough courage to reply “No”.

A strength was released into my inner man. I did not feel condemned or rebuked, but I received a truth, a revelation that came along with an impartation to set me free. From that day onwards, I was free from self-pity and I stopped complaining about life.

Revelation from Jesus is the truth. John 8:32 “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” The Greek word for know is ginóskó which means to know, especially through personal experience. When the revelation of God’s truth comes to us, we will experience that particular revelation. There is an impartation from God into our spirit. He does not need to explain the one sentence that He spoke to that father who lost his son. Nor did He have to expound to me what He was saying in my car. Our spirits caught the truth. We experienced the truth that sets us free from torment.

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Have you ever receive an inner knowing as you pray and ask God for wisdom about something or someone? There is that “Aha” moment that you know it is not from what you have read or what you already knew. You suddenly knew what to do with this “Aha” revelation.

The first time I had speak at an Intercessory conference with my husband, I was terrified. I was praying daily for a message, a revelation from God. He did not talk to me during my worship or desperate prayer time. But out of the blues, He spoke to me while I was drying my hair. How weird right? Maybe He needed me to stop striving. Be more relaxed and so I can hear from Him.

All I received in my spirit that day was “There were two caves”. The download of the whole teaching came to me in a split second. I knew what He was referring to. The entire message was laid out in a table form in my thought. I felt the revelation in its completion and how it was meant to look like. That was one of the most powerful message I have ever spoken. The Lord deeply touched many leaders and intercessors. As they responded at the end of that message, some fell out in the Spirit before anyone could come near to them. The Lord Himself laid his hands on His children that day. People were sobbing and they were brought out the cave back into their destiny. There were two caves has since turned into an ebook. You can find it on our website.

Another time, Father God spoke to me in a dream. He cautioned me with this, “Do not take offence.” When I woke up, I felt empowered, as if my Heavenly Father gave me a strategy. I understood what He was telling me. And what I was meant to do. I was not in any relational conflict with anyone at that time, but I knew He was counselling me to be aware of “taking offence”. Again, my spirit was energised and awakened to His truth. I felt great when I woke up from the dream. Our spirit can receive quicker than our soul and breakthrough will speed up if we lay hold of the truth or revelation from God and walk in it.

God is eager to give us revelation. He wants to impart to us the anointing, the understanding and the freedom that comes along with it. This is the year when God is redeeming our time. He will move quickly and revelations are being poured out on the earth at now. Ask Him today for His truth, a revelation, a wisdom that imparts life. Ask, listen and receive, my friends from the One who knows all things and who loves you with an everlasting love.

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