It is a New Day!

Every morning is a brand new day that God has gifted us with.  I am conscious that there might be some who don’t feel like each day has been a gift.  I feel for you and I pray that the tenacity to carry on each day will be your strength.

I remember years ago, when I was going through depression, it was scary to face another day.  My husband would say to me, almost daily, “take one step at a time.”  Somehow that has stuck with me as I went through those dark times.

Laying down my anxieties and cares at the feet of Jesus was a daily must for me then.  I did not even have the strength to worship or read the Bible.  I was just tired….  I have questions that I asked myself like “Will I ever be well again?” “Will this ever go away?”

I had to shake off the sense of guilt of not doing enough or spending enough time with God.  I had to rely on the faithfulness of God to love me and be with me, irrespective of how little I could give Him. This went on for a few months.  It seems like forever then. 

I would feel hope come into me by Friday because I knew my husband does not need to go work for a couple of days.  But…Sunday comes, I could feel the fear rising in me again.  How am I going to cope without him around to help me care for our baby and the routine household work?

I am here to testify to you that better days did come!  I am forever grateful that it did. I now believe that it was both hormonal as well as a spiritual warfare for me.  I just gave birth to our son, Daniel.  Lots of changes within me physically was happening and I could not sleep at night.  The process of me recuperating well from the delivery of my son was very slow.

The breakthrough finally came, when I decided that I had to tell those friends who have been coming to our house to pray for the nations, that I have been struggling with depression.  The first step to healing and breakthrough was to humble myself and ask for help.  To acknowledge that I can’t fight this battle on my own, even though I have years of experiences in spiritual warfare and intercession. Now I really needed prayer for myself.

As my friends gathered around to pray over me and breaking demonic assignments against me, something powerful happened.  That night I learned a new level of anointing that can be released when God’s children wage warfare in unity together.

The next day, I could feel joy returned to me.  It is a brand new day!  I can be well again!  Did the depression come back?  It did try, but I CHOSE to say out loud that “the joy of the Lord is my strength! No I am not receiving this spirit of depression.  You have to leave in Jesus’ name and not return!”  It finally left and never come back.  I could laugh again. Really laugh with belly aching laughters.

Friends, I want to release my breakthrough over you.  I declare the anointing that came upon me that night to break the yoke of depression is being released over you as you read this.  Our God is ominipresent!  There is no limit or restriction that can hinder Him.  God is with you.  Let the angels of the Lord of Host come to you and break you free from tiredness, exhaustion, depression, guilt and weariness. 

Holy Spirit we ask for you holy laughter – your joy to come upon this precious life right now.  Let Your joy becomes the weapon of warfare for freedom.  Joy to replace all heaviness. 

In Jesus’ Matchless Name! Amen!

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