What is your name?

There is a meaning in every name. I am sure you will agree that some names sound great whilst others sound a little strange. I have friends who changed their names because they are convinced that God has given them a new name. Personally, I think that is wonderful! Didn’t Jesus give Simon a new name? God is into calling those He loves “the rock (Petra), the pure or righteous (Zacchaeus), Abraham (father of nations), Sarah (Princess) and the list goes on.

Years ago, I had a dream about someone close to me. He had forgotten which name he should sign on a piece of document. When he did, I saw that it was not his actual name. I reminded him what his name was. I felt the Lord explaining to me the significance of this man remembering who he truly was.

Our Father knows us by name (Isaiah 43:1). It was very comforting to me to experience this truth when a Prophet called me out by my Chinese name. He has never met me before, yet God has revealed me to him by a name given to me by my parents. Honestly, I did not like my Chinese name for a long time and these days, hardly anyone calls me by that name, unless they are my former classmates.

I was told since I was a child that, I was sickly as a baby. My mother took me to see a Fortune Teller who told her that I have too many Chinese characters with the 3 drops of water. My family had to call me by another name with the fire character to balance my life. No wonder, I did not like it whenever teachers or classmates would call me by my Chinese name.

Fast forward to 2019, when I was called out by my Chinese name, I was shocked! God has a sense of humour. This Prophet said from the Pulpit “someone with a name that has 3 drops of water in the Chinese character, who is connected to my husband, David”. That’s me!!! There is nothing wrong with my name! God loves my name. He knows me by name! I felt special. I began to appreciate my Chinese name more from that day on.

I feel like some people reading this, Father is speaking to you. He wants you to know that He loves your name. He knows you intimately. He is calling you by your name. He is blessing you with the riches in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19). It is the Father’s joy to release the abundance of what Jesus has paid for you, my friends.

Prophet Graham Cooke has some great teachings on Identity. Some questions that he suggested that we dialogue with Father are:-

Who am I on earth?
How am I known in heaven?


Father, we are so thankful that you know each one of us by name. We are precious to you. Help us to love who you have called us to be. Unveil our heavenly persona to us and who we are meant to be on earth. Lord Jesus if you are for us, we do not want to be against ourselves. In Your name, the name that is above every other name, Lord Jesus Christ, we declare this! Amen!

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