The Greatest Love Story

Give us a great love story to read, watch or listen to and we will be cheering on the main characters. Most love story has parts of sacrifices and heartache in it. But we love a good ending, don’t we?

Have you ever played a part of any love story? Did you come out wanting to reminisce it over and over again? Or did you just want to forget this chapter of your life?

My greatest love story has been the chief motivation for me. It has given me a vision for my life and in my darkest times, this story has been my motivation to carry on. I have never met and I will never meet another man who has laid down his life for me sacrificially and love me even before I know him. He did not wait till I am worthy of his love. He did not demand that I get rid of my confusion, pain or bad habits before he started loving me.

Yes I am talking about Jesus Christ. I grew in up in a world that is often lonely as grown ups busy were too busy with their own lives. I often wondered what life’s meaning is. I go to sleep at night and wake up always looking for a friend to be with. Yet even when I was partying with lots of noises and people around me, I could not stop feeling empty inside of me. It was always there to remind me that I was very lonely. No one and nothing could take away that deep void in me. Alcohol cannot fill that emptiness within me. No amount of partying, relationships or activities could. It was loud inside of me. So loud that I could not ignore it existence.

I had this question in my mind all the time – where do I go after I die? What am I living for? Why am I so lonely?

Finally in 1988 through a series of God orchestrated events, I came to know who Jesus is and that He has been waiting for me to accept Him into my life. For the first time, I felt very clean on the inside of me. Like I was totally new. I stared to learn about the greatest love story that I am a part of. It took me awhile to believe that I am worthy for him to die for me. That I can grow to love him more daily and in this journey of love, his love is the only one that will fill all the void I have felt for so many years. Jesus is committed to me. “if we are faithless, he remains faithful—for he cannot deny himself.” (2 Timothy 2:13 ). One of His name is “Faithful”.

What is this greatest love story?

It costs Jesus his life to love us. He gave it up willing for me even before I knew him. “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8 ). He did it without putting any conditions on me. He chose to die for me and you. “No one takes my life from me; I lay it down of my own accord” (John 10:18). Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus. He came to be our Bridge to go back to our Creator. Jesus is our roadmap. “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)I learnt that I do not need to work hard to gain His love. He is not going to love me less if I am not perfect. I don’t need to try and occupy my heart with any other kind of love that leaves me wanting for more. His love is freeing. Psalm 131:2 “Like a contented child who rests on its mother’s lap, I’m your resting child and my soul is content in you.” This is a picture of a contented and restful baby who has just been fed well. Milk dripping on the side of a smiling baby face. His great love for us will utterly satisfies us.

Jesus loves us so much that he would take upon himself all of our pain, sicknesses, wounding, traumas, mistakes, shames and much more. The wrong choises we made, the sins that we have committed, he willingly take them on himself. In exchange, he gave us healing, freedom, live, hope, joy – more than we can dream of. John 10:10 ” I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect —life in its fullness until you overflow!”

This Christmas is the best time to invite Jesus into your life. To allow this greatest love be your best Christmas gift ever! Do an exchange with Jesus today :-

Jesus I want to experience the greatest love of all. I have been searching all my life for someone to love me unconditionally. You are that Someone! I am sorry for all the wrongs, the mistakes, the bad things I have ever done. I give you my sorrow, pain, confusion and in exchange I receive your love for me. Please be my Saviour, my Lord and my Love. I give my past, present and future to you, Jesus. Amen!

If you have prayed this prayer, please send me a message. I would love to know and personally welcome you into the big family of God🙂

For those who did accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savour, but have walked away from Him. Now is a good time to return to Jesus. Start 2022 with new hope. Do not let regrets rob you or lie to you. You are good enough for Jesus. There is nothing that you have done that is too big for Jesus to forgive.

May you have the brightest Christmas and a hope filled New Year!

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