Come Out Of The Cave!

2021 is gone!  2022 has begun! It seems the new year has crept in on us. For most of us, we are so glad that 2021 has been taken over by 2022. One year with 365 days is a long time for us to learn some habits. I remember living in a country where grasses or lawns are extremely precious. We were not permitted to walk on the grasses near our apartment. We were shouted at by the security guards or gardeners whenever we stepped onto the grasses. Seriously!

We were told in no uncertain terms we were to flush toilet papers down our toilets. They had to be thrown into a special bin placed next to our toilets. I can now see you making a face that says “Yucks!” Well, I don’t blame you. We tried to rebel against that strong caution and, to our horror, our toilets would block. And that was more yucks!

These habits or practices were so ingrained into us that whenever we would go on an overseas trip, we would still be too scared to flush toilet papers down the toilets or walk on the lawns of our friends’. We had to remind ourselves that we were in a different country and we had a freedom that we did not have previously. What we have been repeatedly told not to do will eventually try to stick to us. Trying to create a mindset or worldwide in us subconsciously.

Has 2021 left us or are we are carrying 2021 with us into this new year?   We have been limited in so many ways last year that we might still have a “cave like mentality”. Let us not be stuck in 2021. We have to move out of 2021 in our mind and heart. And welcome 2022!

Prophet Elijah was so intimidated by Jezebel that he ran into a cave. Tiredness, weariness and discouragement have caused him to want to give up. He has chosen the cave at Mount Horeb to flee to. He walked for 40 days and 40 nights to get there. It was a deliberate choice – a planned journey. (1 Kings 19). Please read the whole chapter. There is so much we can learn.  😄

Mount Horeb was known as the Mountain of God. It was where God met with Moses. Do you want to hear a word for this year? Go to God like Elijah.

As soon as Elijah arrived at Mount Horeb, he crawled into a cave and went to sleep. Dear friends, we can find true rest for our soul in Jesus. When Elijah had rested, the word of God came to him. The Lord knows when we are ready to listen. When our minds are tired, we might not make smart decisions.

2022 is the Hebraic year of 5782 which began in September. It is the year Peh Bet. Peh is the word for mouth, speech and sound. Bet is the word for house. There is a lot of voices out there now. The media have something to say. The news is giving us their report. People are expressing their opinions to us. Whose report do we listen to? God wants us to hear His voice that will direct us and give us the help we need. We are to open our mouth and voice the speech of God. He wants to build our house – our life, family, church and nation.

I encouraged you to ask God if there are any “cave like thinking” that is trying to spill over from 2021 to 2022. Shake them off. Tune them out! Say what God is saying this year. He wants to build you up.

Come out of the cave dear friends!  You are not meant to be shut in a cave. God told Elijah to come out of the cave before His words of strategies came to Elijah (vs 11). Elijah had to stand on the mountain and not stay in the cave because God was calling him out of the confined and limited space he has put himself in. God has so much more for us this year.

Prayer :

Father, we will say what you say. We will come out of the cave that the world tries to imprison us in. We are going up to the mountain – your mountain. We are going up to your voice and not coming down to the voice of the devil. Lord, touch our lips, give us the words to pray, declare and build with. In Jesus’ powerful name, we ask these. Amen! 

There Were Two Caves

If you are interested in reading more about this topic of “cave like mentality” please check out my e-book entitled “There Were Two Caves”. It is free to download. If you do want to give us a love gift, please email us or leave a comment. Be blessed!

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